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Florida Woman’s New Book Explains Energy Healing in Layman’s Terms


(Palm Beach County, Fla.) – There are a lot of ways to heal when something bad happens to you. Some people turn to prayer. Others meditate or use mantras, words or phrases they repeat over-and-over again. 


Melody Ruth, an energy healer from Palm Beach County, Fla., uses the vibrations made by the 72 Names of God as her mantra. For those not familiar with the concept, the 72 Names of God are a powerful spiritual tool used by those who follow Kabbalah to change every aspect of their lives.


Kabbalah followers believe the 72 Names of God are sequences composed of Hebrew letters encoded in the Story of Exodus, the Bible story about the literal parting of the Red Sea that allowed the Israelites to escape from slavery in Egypt. They also believe that by simply looking at the letters and visualizing them in their minds, one can connect with the spiritual frequencies that can change their lives.


Ruth takes this concept a step further. In her new book, 72 Vibrations: A Kabbalistic Guide to Energy Healing (Spirit Ninja LLC, 2016), she explains what energy is, how people feel energy and how she is able to vibrate the letters that make up the 72 Names of God to help people heal. It is a concept that came to her in a dream.


“I was always told the letters that made up the 72 Names of God were not pronounceable, but when I went back to the Bible to find the letters that were in the Zohar, (a group of books including commentary on the mystical aspects of the Torah), I figured out if you add the vowels you can vibrate them and it worked,” said Ruth.


At the time she made this discovery, Ruth was doing a lot of healing on people through her work as a massage therapist and energy healer. “People would feel the sensation of energy coming out of my hands. They wanted to know how I was able to do that. I couldn’t explain it simply, so I decided to write a book about it,” said Ruth, who added the concepts in her book are intended to help those who want to work on self-healing from circumstances in their lives that are considered negative.


“Every circumstance in life that is negative is an opportunity to heal and return back to a state of love,” said Ruth. “Sometimes going through negative stuff can feel like the end of all things, bring things like sadness and anxiety; but if we just focus on the fact that we are here on Earth to heal, we can return to a state of love then somehow will grow for the better.”


In the past year, Ruth has experienced this concept first hand. She lost both of her parents in late 2016. They died within days of each other. The tremendous loss she and her brother experienced brought the siblings, who had been estranged from each other for years, close together again.  Her second book, due for release in late 2017 will incorporate her experience with grief and loss with Kabbalistic and elemental healing techniques.


“We are all here to learn and this book gives you a pathway to do some inner exploration and lets you hopefully get to where you need to be,” said Ruth, who also said it’s important to point out the 72 Vibrations of God aren’t the only way to heal and overcome challenges, but another tool to put in your tool box.


In his review of the book Yeshayahu Gruberger said, “Melody's book, 72 Vibrations: A Kabbalistic Perspective on Energy Healing, is a work unprecedented within the realm of kabbalah. Yes, there a vast body of works on Kabbalah both in Hebrew and English, but what Melody is doing is taking these beacons of light and making it more usable a better tool box for the world. Throughout the history of Kabbalah, you've had rebels who broke tradition for the betterment of man-kind, my friend Melody is no less. About 40 years give or take another teacher of kabbalah did something unexpected and that was to take the teachings of kabbalah and open it to the masses. This person was my grandfather Rav Berg, so when I saw what Melody wanted to do I felt such a joy in my soul that more light will be revealed."


For more information about 72 Vibrations: A Kabbalistic Guide to Energy Healing go to Books are available for purchase through both and


About the Author


Melody Ruth was born on a farm in Bangor, Maine to parents of mixed religious backgrounds. Her mother was born a Quaker, raised a Protestant Christian and heavily exposed to Christian Science. Her family came to America in the 1600's, the first arriving on the Mayflower. Her father’s family were Orthodox Jews who emigrated from Eastern Europe in the 1920s and 40s.  Over the course of several generations they moved into Conservative Judaism.  

During her childhood, everyone seemed to have a label that attached them to the group to which they belonged.  As Melody struggled to fit into each, she listened and studied. She found that all religions in her background shared the same integrity, ethics and love. She was first exposed to Kabbalah at age 9 while attending an Orthodox elementary school in Westchester, N.Y., but the mysterious wisdom was not available for her to study. As an adult, she went on to study Metaphysics, Reiki and spiritual philosophy.  Her fascination with Kabbalah persisted throughout her life and eventually the ability to study became public. Tying together the mind-body-spirit philosophies of all religions with an understanding of the human ego, Kabbalah is the path that all other pathways led her to.



EDITOR’S NOTE: To arrange an interview with Melody Ruth, or request a review copy of 72 Vibrations: A Kabbalistic Guide to Energy Healing, contact Rachel M. Anderson, Publicist, at 952-240-2513 or

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