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Midnight Vision - a visit in the kitchen

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

I'll never forget the vision Of my parents and x husband in the kitchen Making me dinner Watching something simmer

And dad handed me cash From his hideaway stash They all smiled for awhile

Floating as they walked We stood and they talked Mom looked out the window

There was something to see

Old memories popped up And Ron held out a cup One he had filled up

They all glowed with light so bright You could see them against the night

The glow comes from within Yet they still have skin

As young as can be Yet recognizable to me

My guardian angels these three One unexpectedly So far yet so close to me

Mom walked to the door

And hugged me once more

I didn't want to go

My heart misses them so -Melody Ruth

This poem came to me on the beach today. It tells the story of a visit from beyond from my deceased parents and former husband. It came in the form of a very vivid dream and I woke at the end. I wrote it all down, afraid to forget, but it never left, burned in my memory instead.

#grief #loss #grieving #ghosts #visit #death

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