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So you are ready to publish your book and have started navigating the waters of book agents, big-name publishing houses who don't get back to you, online and self-publishing companies.  It's a lot to digest!  Some companies want to own your copyright and others want to charge you an exorbitant amount of money or keep a bulk of the revenue.  You just want to get your message out into the world. That's why I started Spirit Ninja LLC.
I'm here to show you how to bring your book to publication, retain your own copyright, and maximize your profit on each book.
Why would I do this for you?  A stranger? ...because I want to bring good books into the world that carry a message that someone out there needs to hear and because I can.  Books bring meaning to the world.
There is a cost to many things - but coming out of pocket to get published can be minimized by completing what parts you are able to and hey if you have some talented friends or family members that are willing to help, that works too.  If your manuscript is accepted, I will provide guidance on what is needed to complete each step along the way to becoming published. In the areas that you don't have the connections to make it happen, I do. I have a network of reasonably priced and cherished associates for all of the services needed to bring a book to publication and would act as a pass-through.
Pass through fees may be found on the pathway and rate sheet and include:
Printer set up fee
File change fees to printer
Print-on-demand fee (to receive hard copies in hand)
Shipping fees (from the printing press to you)
Available chargeable services:
ISBN#'s, cover art templates, cover art, editor,
formatting, ebook conversion,
print house, distribution automation
Books are placed in distribution channel:
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, International booksellers, Kindle, Apple
(You choose distributor commission rate; the average is 50%)
Commission rate to the author: 70%
Download pathway & rate sheet
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