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Treasures in my Chest

Author, Andrew McKnight

Treasures in My Chest intertwines the story of the genealogical exploration and music of singer-songwriter Andrew McKnight, starting with the discovery of a song published by his Scottish immigrant great-grandfather in 1906. Like over 25 million people in the last few years, his curiosity about his ancestry led to his family’s DNA tests and an incredible journey of discovery and connection. Along with the 15 tracks on the companion full-length music album, Treasures in My Chest is both an entertaining set of stories and an accessible guide full of tips for those curious about their own "ancestories."


The powerful tools of modern genealogy led him to some extraordinary discoveries about music in his heritage; how his great-grandfather's American descendants had endured difficult childhoods and pursued music in many forms, largely unaware of each other. And as he explored the connections and stories in each of his parent’s heritage, he encountered fascinating discoveries about fortunes lost on the Titanic, ancestors falling on the battlefields of the Civil War, and impoverished immigrants braving weeks on the stormy Atlantic in the hope of a new life and a better start. Along the way, he was frequently attended by the spirit of his late grandmother, who imbued him with a fascination for history as a child and was herself the keeper of many of the family's letters and photos.

Transforming Grief
Through the Elements
Earth - Air - Fire - Water
Author, Melody Ruth


When her parents both died suddenly and within a few days of each other, Melody experienced a tremendous amount of grief. After having a spiritual experience, she began to focus on utilizing aspects of nature to assist her in processing her emotions. In walking through the journey of grief-related emotions, she was able to find new perspectives on living life. This life-transforming grief event moved her to co-found Florida Medical Rights Association (FMRA), A non-profit.


In Transforming Grief Through The Elements, Melody shares the methods she used to work through many challenging emotions.  She explains the stages of grief as Shock or Disbelief, Unpredictable Emotions, Looking Back, Forgiveness and Spiritual Acceptance/Pointing forward. A suppressed grief that is unmanaged can impact life in a negative way, however, working through grief yields personal growth. 


Transforming Grief Through The Elements provides information on utilizing tools rooted in the four main elements of nature (earth, air, fire, and water), which are accessible to everyone to facilitate the processing of emotions and evaluating life lessons. When mourning over the loss of life is entirely processed, peace and even more significant happiness than before can be attained. Dealing with death and loss with thorough examination can help bring forth a new appreciation for our own humanity.


Transforming Grief Through The Elements includes meditative exercises that will help you attain personal insights, which assist in overcoming the intensity of grief and also utilize the experience to embrace life more fully than before.  

72 Vibrations book cover
72 Vibrations 
A Kabbalistic Guide to Energy Healing
Author, Melody Ruth


In reading this work and following the instructional exercises you will be empowered to connect with the energy of creation.  The 72 Vibrations explains how the 72 Names of God can be directed through the vibration of sound for healing. Incorporated in are also methods of energetic transmission and how to create mantras.  The exercises awaken the consciousness of the reader.  Life then shifts so that you can shape your own world.  Embracing higher vibrations empowers self-creation through inner reflection.



The 72 Vibrations work is rooted in accumulated Kabbalistic wisdom, Reiki Master-Teacher experience, belief in universal spiritual consciousness and consistent reaching out to be in synch with divine God based energy.  72 Vibrations provide a pathway for teaching your energetic system to recognize and even visually perceive the sensation of the energy field surrounding all living beings.  Included is an overview of the human energy field and the chakra system. Kabbalah teaches many lessons in the form of stories.  The most famous one is when Moses parted the Red Sea.  How did he do it?  He used 72 God Names as tools.  In this book, Melody teaches the reader how to use this ancient code as a form of vibrational healing and transmit them energetically to others so that they too may receive the gift of their energy.



72 Vibrations is a how-to guide to becoming an energetic healer, rooted in Kabbalah

  • Understand Energy

  • Feel energy

  • See energy

  • Receive the benefits in your daily life

  • Share energy with others

  • Become a vibrational healer

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