GRIEF - It's unavoidable - Just roll with it..

Processing death, it's part of life. Part of my story: So I have been grieving immensely for my father, because I have started Dad’s Daisies, because the injustice of his death has put me on a mission to raise awareness and save lives.. I have not spent as much time as I have needed to process the grieving of my mother. I went to visit their graves for the first time this past Saturday. We have not yet done the headstones, my brother and I. For the moment, their graves have temporary markers with their names, dates of birth and death. But my mother’s marker was not there, it was gone completely, nowhere nearby, nowhere to be found. Walking up to the site and not seeing it set me in a panic.

The Karmic Impact of Judgement

Kabbalah teaches us not to judge, but then to make a choice we must judge a situation. Some jobs require judgement for example a court justice must decide who wins a case or how someone is punished. A police officer must decide whether to arrest someone or set them free. Sometimes, there is no way around judgement. The act of judging returns to us in the form of Karma. When you must judge, do so with kindness in your heart and a clear, fair mind. Thus when the judgement returns, it will be the same.

Sometimes judging occurs as a part of life

Be gentle when you judge others. No matter that judgement is something we don't desire to give nor to receive, sometimes we must do so in order to make life choices. We judge situations to see if we want to participate or not. We judge employers to see if we want to work for them or not. I encourage your dear heart to judge with kindness. Even when judgement is necessary, it still returns to you. Lessen your karmic impact by judging for choices but not for inflicting negative oppinions on others.

When the boundaries of what you can handle are tested

Just when you think that you have reached the limit of what you can handle, the hammer falls again. While traumatic and challenging, this is an opportunity for growth. The boundaries of your limitations have grown and are now pushing you to grow into them. Accept the challenge and nourish your soul with spiritual study. For in the act of studying you will receive many gifts of strength, insight and comfort. You will move through the limitations as though they are not there, and once this time has passed, you will know more inner strength than you did before. #photo

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