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Melody contracts book marketing and publicity services for her own books from RMA Publicity.  

RMA Publicity has a proven track record of successful marketing, PR & media campaigns for clients in a wide variety of industries, though their focus is on Book Marketing and Book Publicity. The key to their success is a strong understanding of what it takes to get your target audience's attention.

 Author participation is essential.  When you publish with Spirit Ninja LLC, you will also get to learn about marketing service options from RMA. 


Melody was born on a farm in Bangor, Maine to parents of mixed heritage and religions. 


Her mother was born a Quaker, raised a Protestant Christian and heavily exposed to Christian Science.  Her family came to America in the 1600s, during the Great Migration from England, Scottland, France, and Spain. 


Her father was born Jewish and raised practicing a combination of Conservative and Orthodox Jewish traditions.  His family emigrated to the United States from Russia, in the 1920s during the Cossack war and Poland in the 1940s, during WWII.


During her childhood, everyone seemed to have a title that attached them to the group to which they belonged.  Different from other children, she belonged not to any one religious sect but felt connected to several. 


Melody attended Protestant Christian school, Orthodox, and Conservative Hebrew Schools. As she struggled to fit into each group, she listened and studied as much as she could.  She found that all religions in her background shared many beliefs especially concerning concepts of integrity, ethics, and love.


Melody later expanded her studies outside of her religious backgrounds.  While she had been briefly exposed to Kabbalah at age 9, the mysterious wisdom was not available for her to study until she was in her early 30's. 


She has embraced the study of Kabbalah, Metaphysics, Reiki, energy healing and many spiritual philosophies.  She has observed that these schools of thought share the same backbone of religious teachings in the ways of integrity, moral ethics, and love.

She considers one of her life missions to share spiritual knowledge, helpful information, and raise conscious awareness.  She opened Spirit Ninja LLC, an indie author publishing house, to first publish her own books and to help others accomplish the same.  




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