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Spirit Ninja Publications - A self-publishing organization for the Indie Author

Specializing in bringing your spiritually guided message to the world


Writing a book is a huge accomplishment.  Publishing does not have to be just a dream.  It is possible and it is within your grasp. Melody, the original Spirit Ninja, started her journey with one simple goal in mind, to share her book with those whom it would benefit.  She first navigated the waters of publishing houses and self-publishing companies.  Ultimately she found the options to be costly and decided to open her own publishing company instead.  As Spirit Ninja, she has developed a pathway for self-published books to become a reality without the overhead of thousands of dollars.  


Spirit Ninja Publications guides the author through the publication preparation process, then publishes and commissions the author on book sales.  Printed books are placed into the distribution channel and appear in online marketplaces such as Amazon and Barnes and within a few days of release.  Ebooks are found in iOS and Android book apps alike.



Broadly speaking, manuscript topics for consideration include health & healing for the mind, body, soul or any combination thereof.   

Her insight and thoughtfulness are making me look inside and see where I am at in the process (of grief). Making me realize I am not good but hopeful that I can work on that.

Marissa Nono, NY


The book starts off as a guide but when you delve deeper into the content and meaning you see the potential of yourself"

Yeshayahu Gruburger, Florida


"Melody never stops learning and growing, and this book is proof of that.  I read this book in 2 hours, and I felt so loved after I read it, and I know everyone that reads it will feel the same way!"

Daryl Cooper, Maine


"It is great! I Had to make myself put it down to go work this morning".

Shon Lenzo, Ohio



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